Wednesday, March 19, 2008

broke down

well i broke down and bought yet another stroller. why is it so hard to find a stroller that works well?

i got this little guy before my little guy was born...

it was cheap, lightweight, uncomfortable, difficult to steer and has little to no storage.

then i got this monstrosity...
which does not, in any way, fit into my subaru impreza. okay, well i did manage to wrestle it into the front seat, but it was a bitch and i don't like being laughed at while losing a battle against a stroller.

so i've opted for this aesthetically pleasing, ridiculously expensive one instead...
so fricken fancy. i hope it doesn't end up on craig's list with the others.

i cannot believe what a wasteful consuming monster i have become! this is it. no more.

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